Offered product’s short summary


Cash register rolls with printing – thermo, uncoated, carbonless copy rolls

  • Thermal cash register rolls: made of thermal 48-55g/m2 paper. Standard formats: 28mm, 35+20mm, 37mm, 44mm, 57mm, 60mm, 80mm, 110mm.
  • Woodfree cash register rolls: made of uncoated 45-60g/m2 paper.

Standard formats: 37mm, 44mm, 57mm, 69mm, 76mm, 210mm – telex paper rolls.

  • Carbonless cash register rolls (N/SC, SC/SC): made of 45-60g/m2 woodfree paper and Carbonless SC paper.

Standard formats: 44mm, 57mm, 76mm.

We could offer 5-colour UV web – both side printing technology with the special safety system –numbering, micro text, UV-invisible colors and so on. We have excellent experience to produce lottery tickets, ATM full colour rolls.