On September 21, 2011, a cooperation agreement was signed in No . L- JPR – 11-0124 between JSC “Tehnoinform” and States  agency ” Latvian Investment and Development Agency” for the project “New product manufacturing” co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund has supported programs . the activity “of new products and technologies – supporting development of new products and technologies in production” program.

The project was originally intended to be implemented in the period from 21 September 2011 until March 21 , 2013 , and for the supply of equipment was under contract with the Italian technological equipment manufacturing ” ALBATECH & BINOVA Group srl”. Unfortunately, the economic problems in the EU in recent years heavily influenced by the Italian economy as a result of technological equipment manufacturing company “ALBATECH & BINOVA Group srl” could not meet the contractual delivery commitments, and in the summer of 2012 went into liquidation.
Therefore, in August 2012 AS “Tehnoinform” turned to the State agency “Latvian Investment and Development Agency” , informing the supplier’s liquidation, and potential solutions , re- launching the procurement of equipment supplier selection. The company requested an extension of the deadline for implementation of the project until the summer of 2014. Extension is to allow the reopening of the procurement procedure to select the equipment supplier and sign a supply contract. Then make the equipment supplier, to deliver to Latvia and set AS “Tehnoinform” plant in Jurmala.
For several months in late 2012 and in early 2013, discussions took place on the necessary amendments to the contract, as well as the technological specifications for the procurement specification. May 16 , 2013  ” Latvian Investment and Development Agency” agreed to an amendment to the cooperation agreement No . L- JPR -11- 0124th Therefore, on May 20 , 2013 amendment to the contract was signed with ” Latvian Investment and Development Agency .” According to the amendment to the contract, its implementation was extended until 21st June 2014, which allowed the reopening of the procurement procedure for the selection of equipment suppliers.
JSC “Tehnoinform” keep it informed of the progress of the project further.